I live in Seattle, WA in the greenwood neighborhood. I sometimes refer to it as Greenhood. I am a mother first and foremost. I am most proud and in love with my sweet children. I am blessed with 3 beautiful girls and teenage boy. My husband is a great dude. We have a beautiful home that he remodeled and also built me the kitchen of my dreams.... 

I love my work. I am a chef/ food stylist/ recipe developer. I get to make art all day long and work with creative people who inspire me and make me laugh. What more can you ask for in a career? Well maybe more travel, and paid vacation. HA!

I love to exercise! I play on a coed soccer team called the hip replacements, have a yoga certification which taught me a lot about being a yogi. 

I have bigger plans that I am working towards that I know will come to fruition.

One day, I want to live on a farm again and have horses, grow veggies, chickens, barn cats and a few dogs. I bet that it won't be long before this dream comes to fruition but in order to do this I am going to have to work very hard because things don't just get handed to me. I do have good luck but I have a very hard and true work ethic. I was born and raised in the Willamette valley in Silverton, Oregon. After my Parents split up when I was eleven I moved to Portland Oregon and went back in forth from the city to the country.

I guess you could say the country has never left my heart,.Funny thing is I love the city for all the obvious reasons. So I must have BOTH!


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